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Offering Expedited &

We do accept Submittals of Manuscripts and/or Book Proposals.  On the right you will find the instructions for Expedited Submittals and below the Non-Expedited Submittal instructions.





Your proposal or letter should give your name, address and telephone number, state the name of the book or proposed book, give the approximate number of pages that you expect it to be or the number of pages that the book currently is, explain what the book is about and why you think that it will be a good seller in today's market.  Include with your submittal, in an attached word or pdf file, a sample of your proposed book such as a chapter or several segments or your complete manuscript.   For Expedited Fast-Track Submittals make sure that you have first clicked on the "Buy Now" link button above and made the Expedited Fast-Track Payment and then once you have completed payment it will automatically send you to the Expedited Submittal Instructions Page.  If you miss that page you can email us the information in the same way as the Non-Expedited Submittal  and we will still expedite your submittal.  We will not expedite any non-paid submittals however until payment is confirmed.  For Non-Expedited Submittals send the manuscript or book proposal to:
Submittals[at] internationalpublishingcompany [dot] com


Payment Per Submittal:

If You Want The Expedited Fast-Track Submittal Then Make Sure That You Have Paid The $499 Fee For Each Manuscript or Book Proposal that You are Submitting or the Submittal Will Not Be Expedited...


Important Note:

 We do not accept any manuscript or book proposal submittals that are sent by Fax, Postal Mail,or Express Delivery of any kind.  We only accept submittals via email.  Any other type of submittal will not be accepted and fully discarded.  We do not mail back manuscripts or book proposals.  We only accept submittals sent by email.


Manuscript or Book Proposal


Instructions for Submitting

Manuscripts or Book Proposals


We are currently accepting manuscripts or proposals for books on every possible type of subject, group or genre.  Read fully for full instructions on how to submit a manuscript by normal tract or by expedited fast-track.  We are always looking for new books.  We accept manuscripts and book proposals directly from authors or from literary agents as well as from any other person or company that desires to submit a book or proposal for publishing review and consideration for publishing approval.  We also have literary agents on staff that will work with all of our authors if a literary agent is not already secured at time of submittal or prior to a contract being awarded for a book publishing royalty agreement.  Once your book is approved for publishing we then decide whether we will publish it as the primary publisher or act as a secondary publisher and promote your book with other primary publishers who might be better positioned to create the greatest impact for your book.  At that point we will contact you with a  proposed contract with the book royalty details and any upfront royalty payment offer.  Once the contract is agreed upon and executed we then begin the publishing and/or promoting of your book. 

We now have two different ways that a book manuscript or book proposal can be submitted.  We have the Free Non-Expedited Submittal and  we are now once again accepting  Expedited Fast-Track Submittals for a Limited Time Only until we have the maximum number of expedited manuscripts and book proposals we can fulfill.  So the expedited option is only for a limited time engagement.  We only accept Expedited Fast-Track Submittals for about 2 weeks several times a year.  This enables those who want to move fast a chance to get their manuscripts or book proposals into the system quickly and not have to wait the normal period of time.  So this is only for a limited time that we will be accepting Expedited Fast-Track Submittals.  The Free Non-Expedited Submittal is no cost and anyone can submit their manuscript or book proposal through this track anytime and is the normal submittal option.  Currently, due to the heavy number of submittals that we regularly receive it takes approximately 6 to 9 months  for Non-Expedited Submittals to be completed.   If you send it by the Expedited Fast-Track Submittal option then it will be reviewed in an expedited manner ahead all of the free non-expedited submittals.  Expedited Fast-Track Submittals are normally completed within 14 to 28 business days. 

Submittal Instructions:

When sending an Expedited Fast-Track Submittal you first must click on the Expedited Submittal Payment "Buy Now" link below and make the Expedited Payment of $499 (for each manuscript to be submitted) and then once you have made payment you then once you pay the expedited fee the payment page will then automatically direct you to the Expedited Fast-Track Submittal Page.  Here is the link for the Expedited Fast Track Submittal Fee Below: 






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