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International Publishing Company    40 Wall Street   New York, NY  10005

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Photo of the IPC Office Location In Downtown Manhattan New York City
International Publishing Company Downtown Manhattan New York City

Submittal Instructions:

We are currently accepting book manuscripts as well as book proposals for every subject and genre.  To submit a manuscript or book proposal go to our submittal webpage at this link:  Manuscript or Book Proposal Submittals.  To secure a Literary Agent just submit a manuscript or book proposal and for all non-agent submittals we automatically arrange a literary agent once your book is accepted.

Front Entrance to IPC Office in Manhattan New York City

International Publishing Company is located at 40 Wall Street, New York, NY  10005.


International Publishing Company

International Publishing
Company (IPC) is located in the heart of Manhattan, New York City.  International Publishing Company is a publisher of various works as well as arranges literary agents to help authors publish at other primary publishers. 

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Photo of Building where IPC is Located in Manhattan New York  
40 Wall Street
New York, NY  10005

email [at]  internationalpublishingcompany [dot] com

Organizing: Publishing: Promoting:
Step One - Organizing
The first step is to get your book fully organized and ready for publishing.  This starts with your manuscript, title page, copyright page, contents page and book chapters as well as preparing your front, back and spine cover for your book.
Step Two - Publishing
The next step is to publish your book which includes applying for your ISBN registration number and developing and fully producing prototype/sample copies of the final published version of your book in small quantities of soft back and or hard back copies. 
Step Three - Promoting
 The final stage is book promotion.  This includes  the preparation of a press release that shows a photo graphic of your book and gives a synopsis of your book and yourself as the author.  Promoting also includes full marketing to both instore and online vendors.



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